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Authorized Inspection Center

Drive Clean

Drive Clean is Ontario's mandatory vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance program that is reducing vehicle emissions of smog-causing pollutants by requiring vehicles to undergo an emissions test to identify emissions problems and have them repaired. In addition to smog-causing pollutants, Drive Clean is also reducing vehicle emissions of other chemicals, including greenhouse gases that damage our health and our environment. Through Drive Clean, we have an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the quality of our air through good vehicle maintenance, and by identifying emissions problems so that they can be corrected.

At Atwill Service Centre we are auto repair specialists. We offer drive test and repair services for virtually all makes and models. If your vehicle is not running as well as it should call Atwill.



Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a used car can be a stressful experience. Knowing how a vehicle has been driven and maintained is difficult to ascertain. Put your mind at ease by getting Atwill Service Centre to pre inspect the vehicle before you agree to buy it. Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows them to see what an untrained eye might not. We can review all of a vehicles major systems to ensure that your money is well spent. Don't leave it to chance, call Atwill the next time you need a pre purchase inspection.



Safety Check

Did you know that in order to register a motor vehicle as fit, you must have a safety standards certificate. A safety standards certificate that is issued outside Ontario is not acceptable. Atwill Service Centre is a government approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. We may issue a signed certificate if the vehicle passes inspection. The certificate is valid for 36 days from the date of the inspection. The certificate is not a warranty or guarantee on the general condition of the vehicle. You will be asked to show this certificate when you:

  • Register a rebuilt motor vehicle
  • Transfer a used motor vehicle to a new owner as fit
  • Certain transfers, such as between spouses do not require a Safety Standards Certificate. However, transfers between parent and child and vice versa require a Safety Standards Certificate. For further information on vehicle transfer Safety Standards Certificate exemptions, please call Service Ontario's Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre at (416) 235- 2999, or toll free (Canada-Wide) 1-800-387-3445
  • Register a motor vehicle as fit in Ontario that was previously registered in another province or country
  • Change the status of a vehicle from unfit to fit


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