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Wheel Alignment

Here are a few symptoms to watch for if you think you are having steering, suspension or alignment problems.

Excessive tire wear, poor steering control or an off-center steering wheel are all signs that your vehicle may have steering or suspension issues. It could also indicate improper tracking that results from your car’s wheels being positioned an unequal distance from the centerline.

Symptoms of bad shocks, struts or worn springs include excessive bouncing over road bumps, loss of control during sudden stops, excessive swerving while changing lanes, front-end nose diving during quick stops and vehicle sag in front or rear.

If you experience any of the above, bring your vehicle to Atwill Service Centre for an alignment inspection or steering or suspension inspection.

It’s important to have your car aligned whenever you replace any major suspension components or if you notice unusual or irregular wear patterns on your tires. Getting your car aligned is a relatively inexpensive procedure and it could wind up saving you a lot in terms of longer tire life, better fuel economy and safer handling.

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